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Family Portrait Sessions 20% off!

It’s this feeling I get every year right about this time.  The leaves start changing and the weather cools

Easter Babies & Candy Topiaries

There’s something about having kids around that has made me get suddenly all Martha Stewart-ey when holidays

Boston Family Portrait

This lovely little family was kind enough to let me photograph them at their home in Boston, and what a great day it

Cordelia at One Month Old

She’s got the most beautiful blue eyes and this spot of hair on the top of her head that perpetually sticks up,

Felix at 5 Months

*Sigh* I look at these pictures and I get all warm and fuzzy inside.  Those cheeks, those eyebrows, that smile.  This

Felix’s Baby Announcements

Man, it’s tough being a new mom.  What used to be a 10 minute task has turned in to a 40 minute task.  I know

The World Welcomes Cordelia

2012 was an epic year for my family.  Not only did I bring my sweet boy Felix in to the world, but my sister had a