Meet Jean | Wedding Photographer (cont.)





Weddings- Fun Facts

These are not award winning photographs but even my professional photographer self doesn’t get in the way of how much I love them. Looking at the pictures I can feel the deep August humidity and am reminded how I nearly left our marriage license in a boutique in SOHO while scrambling to find a dress. I remember surprising our friends at the Mexican restaurant in Alphabet City where they had all gathered for a friend’s birthday. “We got married today!” elicited squeals of joy, lots of hugs and a special bottle of Mezcal from the chef. I remember spending all our savings on two platinum wedding rings at Tiffany’s because, where else would you spontaneously buy wedding rings in New York?

This day undoubtedly changed how I see weddings. I understand now how uniquely personal they are. I know that whether you have a ballroom wedding for 350 people or elope at the courthouse, your wedding day will be full of happiness and love but still be unlike any other wedding. I know that no matter what you wore that looking back on your photos in 30 years they should feel timeless and still evoke those feelings and memories you had on your wedding day.