Meet Jean- Family Photographer (cont.)





Family Sessions- Fun Facts

My current catalog of pictures of my son is just shy of 13,000. Mind you, I have not deleted a single one. Not even the impossibly blurry ones (of which there are a lot). In spite of that impressive number of images, I know exactly which ones are my favorites. Not because they are the most beautiful, but because they remind me of all the little details: the way his pink cheeks glow when he refuses to come inside from playing in the snow; the perfect little swirl of hair on the top of his head that changes from light brown to blonde by the end of summer; the way he peeked over my Dad’s shoulder from under a blanket while we were running to find shelter from a rainstorm in New York City.
This is what I strive for when I work with families. I’m not just working toward beautiful images but images that have a story behind them. The kind of pictures that you look at in 30 years to remind yourself what your family was like way back when. I can’t wait to hear about all the little things that make your family unique.

Jean has been a working photographer for 15 years and has photographed hundreds of weddings, dozens of families and some other very random things, like showgirls jumping on the beds at Macy’s in New York City and Neil Patrick Harris diving in to snapping turtle infested waters. Jean lives North of Boston and is available for commissions in the Boston area as well as New York City and all points in between.